In this episode, I am joined today by Dale Williams where we’ll talk about tackling the Unalga tide race, one of the fiercest tide races in Alaska’s A...View Details

Today I am joined today by Jon Turk. Jon is one of the world’s greatest living adventurers with an incredible resume of some of the most hardcore expe...View Details

This episode features Simon Osborne. In this interview, we will talk about Simon’s experience, along with Marin Medak, paddling in South Korea, and al...View Details

Today we hear from Bonnie Perry. Bonnie is a special person to me as she was one of the first people who really welcomed me into the paddling communit...View Details

In this episode, Jaime Sharp shares the amazing story of his team’s circumnavigation of the Svalbard archipelago.  The team included himself, Tara Mul...View Details

Today we talk with Veiga Gretarsdottir. We will hear about her story circumnavigating Iceland, aptly named Against the Current, as that has been the s...View Details

Australian Mark Sundin joins me for today’s episode of the Paddling the Blue. Mark is one of the founders of Expedition Kayaks, along with Rob Mercer....View Details

In today’s episode, James Manke will take us on an exciting journey down the Grand Canyon, in a sea kayak, with a Greenland paddle. You’ll learn about...View Details

In this episode, John sits down with Mick O’Meara to talk about his record setting journeys around Ireland, his thoughts on training and preparation, ...View Details

Fi and James Corfe join Paddling the Blue to share their adventures. They started by teaching each other to paddle, did a few smaller trips, and then ...View Details

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